Marriage equality & the freakin plebiscite


They say marriage is between a man and a woman in the eyes of God

But what about those who don't believe in the sod?

Us atheists are free to have a husband or wife

And what about the couples who can't bring fourth new life?

See they're always banging on about the need to reproduce

But you can still get married without fertility proof

And the children, dear God what about the poor children?

They're actually doing awesome but you know don't bother asking them

You say you're not a biggot it's just not what you believe

My head is struggling hard with what you're trying to achieve?

Maybe I'm super thick because I don't understand

How your affected by someone's choice to go hand in hand

But I guess what's worse is that we march against war

And our government says fuck you your voices we can ignore

But marriage hmmm marriage we can't decide unless we ask for your thoughts

In our own special way not the other surveys of course

It blows my mind that there's no money for renewables or Indigenous rights

But millions on a poll? Sure no worries go for your life

The world is moving forward but we're hanging at the start

It'd be a fucking joke if it didn't hurt so many hearts

Denying marriage equality, yours is the only sin

All love is equal and in the end I know we'll win

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