The forest

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On the outskirts of town sits a forest that huffs

It huffs and it puffs like a man with a gruff.

The kids play a game that's really a dare

Who can go furthest without getting a scare.

Eyes squint, noses freeze as their shoes crunch the ground

A critter hops, a twig drops, they bolt at the sound.

The huffing and puffing continues all day

As the kids run around in harmless kids play.

The forest looks out to a road and a steeple

Where the ground is full of small cars and small people.

At first you'd presume the forest felt a disdain

For the alien creatures living on his domain.

But if you listen to the sound of this forest so high

Within the huff and the puff is a whimpering sigh.

For this forest that sits on the outskirts of town

Is misunderstood, feeling sad and let down.

Through his limbs there is life for the creatures that be

He longs for a friend, if only they'd see.

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